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Ariel Anton with her art

Ariel has been painting, self-taught, since she was 14 years old. Having been a 4-H club member for 12 years, she developed a unique understanding and relationship with all kinds of livestock. Ariel's livestock--from chickens to cattle--were her first painting subjects. Her work has been exhibited at multiple county fairs, as well as the California State Fair for multiple years. 


While pursuing a B.S. in Agriculture Science and a minor in Dairy Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ariel began painting animals by commission. As her paintings gained popularity, she began to dial in on her skill of painting livestock portraits. Her senior project, the capstone to her diploma, was an educational series of "Art About Agriculture" which shared her working knowledge of agriculture through her paintings to start a conversation about agricultural misconceptions and little-known facts about animal agriculture. 

Exhibitions & Shows

2023 California State Fair Fine Art Show - Juried

2023 SLOPOKE Western Art Show - Juried


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